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2023 HAPPY YOONA 'Wonderful Party' 생일 파티 비하인드


티파니 영과 함께하는 크리스마스 콘서트. 캐롤 메들리

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bonjour~ 이번에는 유럽 갔수영 FR-CH 날씨요정이 다했다

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Guam VLOG EP.2 여유로움과 시끄러움이 공존하는 내 여행에 초대할게요 어서 와


찐친과 함께하는 찐웃음 파티, 센시아 광고 촬영 현장 (feat. 소녀시대 수영)

SEOHYUN L'Officiel Singapore December/January N°156 (Interview)

[Cover Story] Girls' Generation's Seohyun is Having the Time of Her Life. #SEOHYUN #LOfficielSingapore

Girls' Generation's Seohyun is Having the Time of Her Life

South Korean actress and one-eighth of the iconic Girls' Generation, Seohyun talks to L'Officiel Singapore about her Baeksang Arts Awards nomination, the girl group's massive comeback this year, and how she'll be running her race in 2023 with "no breaks"

There’s probably no other way to put it: 2022 has been one heck of a year for South Korean artist Seohyun. From May to September, the maknae of the iconic Girls’ Generation joined all seven of her former group mates for the 15th anniversary reunion of the group — effectively ending Girls’ Generation’s five-year-long hiatus when they released their seventh Korean studio album, Forever 1. After a successful first three years with her talent management agency, Seohyun renewed her contract with Namoo Actors in April, and starred in TV series Jinxed at First and Netflix film Love and Leashes, which earned her a Best New Actress nomination at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Congratulations on an eventful 2022. You were in the TV series Jinxed at First, and the Netflix film Love and Leashes, which led to a Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress nomination. And there was also the much talked about 15th anniversary reunion of Girls’ Generation. What were some standout moments for you?
It’s hard to pinpoint one specific favourite moment, and I think that’s testament to how much every waking moment this year was joyful for me. First of all, I was so thankful that I could reintroduce myself to viewers as a special character Seul-bi in the drama Jinxed at First. While doing events for the 15th anniversary reunion of Girls’ Generation, I was filled with so many emotions and had such a joyful time. As for the Baeksang Arts Awards nomination for the Netflix film Love and Leashes, which was my first nomination in the Best New Actress category, it was such an immense honour for me. Currently, I’m fully devoted to shooting the Netflix series Song of the Bandits and trying to live each day with purpose.

What sort of roles are you looking forward to doing next?
I don’t want to limit my boundaries when acting, so I want to try diverse roles. I want to try villain roles, and I also want to try acting that showcases meaningful love amidst ordinary daily life.

Did the 15th anniversary reunion of Girls’ Generation remind you of the differences between acting and performing as a musician? Do they fulfil you or make you happy in different ways?
Acting and music are different arts, but I think there are similarities because they both seek to deliver emotion. To me, music seeks to show emotions through melodies, lyrics, and performance on stage. On the other hand, acting is a craft that aims to show the life of a person, and in that process, I’ve had to feel, reflect, and pull out my emotions. I don’t think you can properly compare the fulfilment you get from both of the arts. It’s hard to put into words the fulfilment and the overwhelming joy that you achieve from grappling with countless sessions of practice and preparation.

In the series Jinxed at First, the character you played has the ability to see someone’s future after touching them. If you could have a special ability of your own, what would you choose and why?
I want to have the ability to read minds. There’s a Korean proverb that translates to “you can never know what a person is really thinking,” and I think it rings true. Reading someone’s mind and heart is such a difficult thing. With that in mind, I think what I’d like to really have is a more of an open and accepting heart in order to read someone’s mind.

The year-end holidays have arrived. How will you choose to take a break or spend more time on yourself?
I think I’ll wrap up this year meaningfully by devoting much of my time to the shooting of the Song of the Bandits. It’s been quite productive, and I’ve been giving it my all shooting with my wonderful colleagues. I’m always struck with feelings of gratitude whenever I’m reminded of the fact that I’m doing what I love for a living.

What are your hopes and goals for 2023?
As always, health and happiness are at the top of the list of importance for me. It may seem trite, but I believe what’s most basic and fundamental is also the most important. In 2023, I want to not only work towards my own health and happiness, but also help with the health and happiness of those around me.

What can fans expect from Seohyun next?
I’m going to continue to run my race in 2023 with no breaks. I want to form an opportunity to communicate with my fans more often. My hope is that I will be able to spend each day growing and evolving my mindset in a more meaningful and purposeful way. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope for everyone to find happiness and enjoy many joyful things. Thank you.

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